And the fangirls rejoiced.



Kylewyr is the personified relationship existing between Kyle Morgan and the dragon Perianwyr as noted through Shadowrun history for all of forever. 

True Facts.

Excerpt taken from Lovers of the Sixth World.

It has been a long day for Kyle. His muscles ached and pained him from the tips of his overgrown hair to his toes. He wanted nothing more than to fill a tub with ice and lay there for hours. It had been a long night chasing after him. Peri always had a way of getting them into trouble and tonight he had played hide and go seek for hours. It was a fun game of theirs that always amused them. Tonight Peri played hard to get though and as best as he tried, Kyle had lost the game.

Hanging his head low Kyle drug his feet through the threshold of his apartment. It was a safe house really, tucked away on the Atlzan peninsula. It was well enough appointed that it didn't feel like a hideaway though. He had everything he could ever ask for thanks to his lucrative partnership with his lover. 

As he passed his cockatrice he gave hit a pat on the beak and went to find the ice bath he had fantasized about since tossing in the towel and giving victory to his love. 

A hand reached out from behind and pulled him back by his crotch. 

"You lost." A deep voice whispered into his ear.

It was a voice Kyle knew all too well. "Damn dragon." He replied as he placed his hand over Peri's clenching it tighter over his own manhood. 

"Damn right." He said, as he began to bite at Kyle's neck. 

Kyle moaned as his neck whimpered under the bites it was receiving. He wanted to protest but the tension that had built up that night had focused into desire. He forcefully turned and met lips with Peri, pushing him into the bedroom and onto the bed. 

"I won." Kyle said, releasing his lips only long enough to slip the phrase out. He then began to undress his lover slowly, hands and mouth working towards the same goal. It wasn't long before his clothing was gone too, in some mess of passion anger and lust all to be sorted out in the bed that night. 

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