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List of Shadowrun articles from professional gaming magazines.


  1. Dunkelzahn: The Mass-Media Dragon by Tom Dowd


  1. (September 1992) Tales from the Light Fantastic – A short story, nightclub location, and NPC staff by Craig Nelson


Pyramid included SR articles in Volume 1, Issues 19, 20, 24 and 30.

  1. Lycanthropes in Shadowrun - arctype by Steve Kenson
  2. Primal Power: New Idols - rules by Steve Kenson
  3. Sudden Death - rules & arctype by Stephen Wilcoxon & Patric Rogers
  4. Survival of the Fittest - wilderness adventure by Steve Kenson

Games UnpluggedEdit

Published by FFE, who also distributed Shadowrun for a time.

  1. The State of Shadowrun
  2. unknown article
  3. The Scoop (Exploring the shadows with the media)
  4. – 34. N/A

White WolfEdit

White Wolf included SR articles in a number of issues, including a series on New Orleans (issues 31–35).

  1. To Kill a Dead Man - adventure by Stephan Wieck
  2. New Shadowrun Player Archetypes - by Stephan Wieck
  3. Shadowrun Novice Archetypes - by Lance Webber
  4. Rat's Den - adventure by Stephan Wieck
  5. Physical Adepts - rules by Charles Peirce
  6. New Shamanic Totems - rules by Berin Kinsman
  7. Shadows Across the Big Easy - New Orleans by C. R. Shaver and Jason Rush
  8. Natives of the Big Easy - New Orleans by Shaver and Rush
  9. Party Crashers - New Orleans adventure by Shaver and Rush
  10. Magic over Bournon Street - New Orleans by Shaver and Rush
  11. Voodoo - New Orleans magic by Shaver and Rush
  12. The Darkest Shadow - New Orleans adventure by Shaver and Rush
  13. A Guide to Enchanted Objects - rules by Clint Black
  14. New Abilities for Physical Adepts - rules by Herbert L. Helzer II & David Perry
  15. Nova Gaia - background by William Lenox

Australian RealmsEdit

Australian Realms published a serialized sourcebook, and related articles in later issues.

  1. Shadowrun in Australia I
  2. Shadowrun in Australia II
  3. Shadowrun in Australia III: Japanese Troops in Adelaide!
  4. Shadowrun in Australia IV: Demographics
  5. Hitting the Hardcore: Shadowrun Info Overload
  6. Shadowrun in Australia V: Mare About Marega
  7. (article title unknown)
  8. Announced that FASA signed Colin Taber to write the "Australian Sourcebook"
  9. The Red Line of Reality: Common sense security
  10. (article title unknown)
  11. Running the Edge: Merits and Flaws
  12. Threat Ratings: New ideas
  13. Shadowrun Australia: Update on the Shadowrun Sourcebook
  14. Shadowrun Australia: Adventure Hooks for 'runners 'downunder' in 2055 AD
  15. Getting the most out of your Metahuman: Character creation hints and tips
  16. The United Catholic Church: source material
  17. The Templars: source material for the church


Challenge included SR articles in most issues from #44 to #77 (final issue).

  1. Squeeze Play - fiction by Michael Stackpole
    Shadow Tiger - adventure by Lester W. Smith
  2. Donut Run - adventure by Lester W. Smith
    New on the Street - equipment by Brett A. Foland & Lester W. Smith
  3. Quicksilver: Sayonara - fiction by Michael Stackpole
    The Quick and the Undead - group by Lester W. Smith
  4. Digital Grace - fiction by Michael Stackpole
  5. In the Name of Finland - adventure by Mark Galeotti
  6. — No Shadowrun content
  7. Numberunner - fiction by Michael Stackpole
  8. Damsel in Distress - adventure by James L. Cambias
  9. — No Shadowrun content
  10. Maiden Run - adventure by Craig Sheeley
  11. A Dark and Cyber Night - background by Eric W. Haddock
  12. Nature Spirits - rules by Mark L. Chaffe
  13. Fast Cash - adventure by Michael S. Bunch
  14. An Arm and a Leg - rules by Dan Sniffin
  15. Streets on Fire - rules by Thomas M. Kane
  16. 59½. Law Enforcers - ? by Jeffrey L. Groteboer
  17. Vampires! - by Jeffrey Groteboer
  18. Machines in the Shadows - rules by Dan Snuffin
  19. Fair Game - fiction by Michael Stackpole
  20. Fair Game² - fiction by Michael Stackpole
  21. Live Bait - adventure by Craig Sheeley
  22. Freshly Kilt - adventure by Christopher L. Wolf
  23. Short Takes - adventure by Richard G. Molpus
  24. Mega-Magicians - rules by David Perry
  25. Zoned Out - adventure by Christopher E. Wolf
    New Shamanic Totems - rules by Andrew J. Lucas
  26. Who's on First? - adventure by James L. Cambias
  27. Secret Agent - archetype & rules by James L. Cambias
    Assassin Archetype - rules by David Perry
  28. Half the Attitude - halfling race rules by Michael O'Brien
    Thief Archetype - rules by David Perry
  29. Prey for Death - adventure by David Perry
    Physical Adept Archetype - rules by David Perry
  30. Vampire Hunter Archetype - rules by David Perry
  31. The Deep Blue Seize - adventure by David Perry
    Spy Archetype - rules by David Perry
  32. — No Shadowrun content
  33. Long Arm of the Sprawl - adventure by Christopher E. Wolf
    Magical Thief Archetype - rules by David Perry
  34. New York City Subways, 2054 - cover & campaign by Mark P. Gutis

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