This is a list of hotels in Seattle arranged by district:

Auburn Edit

Bellevue Edit

Council Island Edit

  • Council Island Inn - Luxury hotel along the shore, reserved for diplomats and ambassadorial guests

Downtown Seattle Edit

Everett Edit

Fort Lewis Edit

Puyallup Edit

Redmond Edit

Renton Edit

Snohomish Edit

  • Brier Hotel - Family-style hotel. Decaying old hotel the Mafia would like to buy out, but one of the sisters who owns it refused to sell, abandoned by 2070s
  • Snohomish Sheraton - Luxury hotel

Tacoma Edit

  • Lakewood Comfy Cubicle - Coffin hotel. The manager, Bruce Meyrick, is a mage and former shadowrunner with a pet eyekiller named Gouger.
  • Sheraton Tacoma - Luxury hotel, famous for protecting hundreds of metahumans during the Night of Rage. Ork underground connections.
  • Tacoma Dome Hotel - Luxury hotel

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