Los Verdugos are a Latino metahuman gang that controls the eastern half of the city of San Bernardino in Los Angeles.[1]

Membership: Unknown


They are completely made of Latino orcs. It's a gang known for being violently anti-human and anti-elf racists, often butting heads with the L.A. based chapter of the Ancients as well as with the white male norm only biker gang of the Iron Crosses. - They are also known for marking their turf with hanged victims, dangeling from balconys and lantern's posts. Their colours are black synth-leather jackets with a white hangman's noose on back. The gang make their income with armed robbery, kidnap, extortion, drug dealing, & BTL chips.[2][3]


In the San Bernardino area, there is a Latino gang whom call themselves Verdugos. It's the largest gang in the San Bernardino County. It's a multi-generational gang that has been around since the 1950s, is a Sureno gang (which includes most Latino gangs in Southern California) and is under the influence of the Mexican Mafia prison gang.[1][2]


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