The Mafia typically refers to La Cosa Nostra, the Italian Mafia, although the term is also applied to the various European ethnic crime syndicates (many of which were consumed by La Cosa Nostra, including the Polish, Irish, Jewish, Mexican, and Afro-Caribbean syndicates). The oldest player in North America, the Mafia is heavily embedded into Western culture, and thus, most people only know about the misconceptions of the Mafia that they learned from crime investigation shows and movies.

Following the Awakening the American Cosa Nostra invited the smaller ethnic syndicates to join their national syndicate. They first "convinced" the white ethnic mobs (Jewish, Irish, and Polish). Afterwards they recruited the Latino syndicates (Mexican, Cuban, and Puerto Rican). Last to be brought into the fold were the black street gangs that had risen to prominence.[1] When the Batista family relocated to Havana in the Caribbean League, he formed an alliance with several Afro-Caribbean syndicates bringing them into the Mafia.[2]

The Mafia is steeped in tradition and internal conflict. One of the main reasons that the Mafia is struggling against the increasing sphere of influence of foreign outfits (such as the Yakuza, the Triads, and the Vory) and new syndicates (such as the Seoulpa Rings and the Native American crime organizations) is the constant war between the regional Mafias, with each Capo trying to gain more influence and power. As they say in the Old World, “The Mafia is its own worst enemy.” The two most important traditions of the Mafia are omerta (silence) and rispetto (respect). You do not speak of the Mafia, and you are obligated to maintain the honor and respect of the Family.

Organization Edit

The Mafia is organized into families, who are ruled by Dons. The families are organized into regions (based on geographical areas around major cities), with each region ruled by a Capo (fem., Capa). The Capo leaders as a whole are called the Commissione. The Commissione, in theory, report to the Inner Circle, the 12 most powerful Dons and Capos, who report to the Capo di Tutti Capi, the Big Boss.

In 2059 AD, there were 40-50 families in the Mafia, each with a seat in the Commission. Though when it came to important matters it was the Inner Circle which made the decisions. Holding seats in the Inner Circle were families based in N.Y. City, Washington FDC, Miami , Boston , Los Angeles , and Chicago .[3]

As of 2072 AD, the Mafia has 56 capos with twice as many families and associated groups. They are strongest on the east coast of the UCAS and CAS. They used to have a small foothold in Aztlan, in the city of Tenochtitlan which was annihilated by the David Cartel after the Tempo-Drug War.[4][5][6]

Unfortunately for the Mafia, in the aftermath of the Tempo-Drug War, the David Cartel virtually eliminated the operations of all foreign syndicates within Aztlan.[7] On the Inner Circle are the five families of N.Y. City, the Sixth family of Quebec City (Quebec ), the Verontesse Family of Las Vegas, the Milano Family of Los Angeles, the Detroit Partnership, the Batista Family of Havana in the Caribbean League , the O'Rilley Family of Boston, and the Kozlowski Family of New Orleans.[8]


When it comes to the Mafia, their "Johnsons" don't have major issues with shadowrunners. They prefer to meet in public places they control (often restaurants or clubs), and will either pay the shadowrunners or kill them.[9]

Countries with Mafia FamiliesEdit

The Families Edit

Genovese, Lucchese, Colombo, Bonanno, and Carnetti Families in New York City [13]

Bigio, Ciarniello, and Finnigan Families in Seattle [14]

Muldon, O'Rilley, and Morelli Families in Boston [13]

Mueller and Marconi Families in Washington, FDC [15]

Batista Family in Havana, Caribbean League [16]

Gambione Family in Miami [16]

O'Toole Family nearly decimated in Chicago [15]

Sixth Family in Québec City, Republic of Québec [17]

Detroit Partnership in Detroit [18]

Worczek Family nearly wiped out in San Francisco [19][20]

Kozlowski, Romero, and Mossino Families in New Orleans [21]

Larraga, Gillespie, and Milano Families in Los Angeles [22][23]

Verontesse Family in Las Vegas [24]

Gianelli Family in Atlanta [25]

McCaskill Family in Milwaukee [26]


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