Manchuria, flag from Shadowrun Sourcebook, Sixth World Almanac
Government Type: Predidial Republic
Capital: Shenyang
Leaders: Shen Yao-Xiang - first president
Population 110,869,000
Human Unknown
Elf Unknown
Dwarf Unknown
Ork Unknown
Troll Unknown
Other Unknown
Per Capita Income: Unknown
Estimated SINless: Unknown
Below Poverty Level: Unknown
Corporate Affiliation: Unknown
Less Than Twelve Years Unknown
High School Equivalency Unknown
College Degrees Unknown
Advanced Degrees Unknown
Major Ethnic Groups:
Han (70%)
Manchu (20%)
Korean (5%)
Mongol (5%)
Major Languages Spoken:
Mandarin (85%)
Manchu (10%)
Korean (15%)
Mongol (10%)
Major Religions:
Confucianism, Buddhism, shamanism, and Daoism
Currency: Nuyen (¥)
No medical service information available.
Manchuria (customized map from ShadowHelix)


Manchuria, map from Shadowrun Sourcebook, Sixth World Almanac



Manchuria is a land of beauty with large mountain ranges, forests, and rivers. It is an Awakened Land, one with a strong industrial base and high technology.[1]


Spirits (ancestors and free spirits) have the same rights as human beings. Ancestral spirits visit families and the free spirits interact with the public, helping others. They participate in Manchurian daily life, even owning businesses, holding jobs, or running for public office. There are restrictions as to the type of spirit summons which can be performed and their are laws and regulations in dealing with undesirable spirits (e.g. dangerous animal spirits).[1]


Manchuria does not not recognize the Business Recognition Accords, the Corporate Court's standard for the meaning of corporate extraterritoriality. It does recognize extraterritoriality but it's only for specific corporations that are chartered in Manchuria which meet a stringent criteria. Foreigners are limited in how much voting stock they can hold in these Manchurian corporations, including via methods such as holding companies. Manchurian citizens can hold as much stock in those corporations as they want.[2]

Corporate PresenceEdit

Major CitiesEdit


Industrialized on a vast level with a focus on heavy industry, and has some of the largest aerospace and automotive factories in the region. Hosts the softare & programming departments of multiple megacorps.[5]


Parts supplier to the rail system and also pharmaceutical manufacturing[6]


This page forked from Wordman's The Sixth World: A geographical index to the world of Shadowrun

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