Dr. Miles Swinburne' was an influential scholar who helped shape early Hermetic magic and theory. Dr. Swinburne suffered injuries during the Euro-Wars however, which devastated his magical abilities. Indeed, he had long considered himself a complete burn-out.

He was bequested a set of Tarot Cards in Dunkelzahn's Will .

To Dr. Miles Swinburne, I leave my antique tarot deck. May you benefit from the insights it can offer you.

While non-magical, the antique Tarot card set triggered Swinburne's latent remaining magical abilities. With the help of the Shadowrunner Talon, Swinburne overcame his self-imposed mental block and was able to regain the use of the magics he had thought lost to him in the war.


  • Fundamentals of Hermetic Magic
  • Metaphysics of Gods and Men


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