Milo Czerda is a magically-active Centaur (a rarity) and is a member of the Draco Foundation board of trustees. He originally comes from Central Europe, on the slopes of Mt. Igman in old Bosnia. He is an extremely talented poet whose works have been published in Europe. He has also written a volume on healing plants. Milo Czerda only speaks and writes in Czech. He relies on an interpreter to communicate in English.

As a public figure, his appointment as a trustee stirred the debate over the sentience of centaurs and other non-metahuman sapients (metasapients) and metasapients civil rights, including state citizenship and political representation. Milo Czerda became a citizen of the Czech Republic following his successful fight to secure the public and political rights of metasapients, including centaurs, in that country. His political advocacy has also been instrumental to securing the Declaration of Non-Metahuman Sapient Rights.

Czerda penned the introduction to the Czech Republic chapter of the The Helix Shadows on Europe "sourcebook" compilation assembled for the Shadowland BBS and other data havens after Jane-in-the-Box put him in touch with Synner, one of The Helix's sysop.


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