Country Republic of Quebec
Region Montreal
Coordinates 45°31' N, 73°39' W
Demographics (2074)
Population 1,736,519
Metatype distribution
Human : 75%
Ork : 9%
Elf : 8%
Dwarf : 6%
Troll : 2%
other : <1%

Montreal (French: Montréal) is a city in the Republic of Quebec.

History Edit

In 2010 Quebec secedes from Canada and creates the Republic of Quebec.

Quebec City becomes the capital of the new republic and sees a lot of Montreal's middle and upper-class Francophones move to the capital, while many Anglophones left the nation with the isolationist policies that the republic was adopting. This devastated Montreal leaving it mostly to the poor and SINless.

With the rise of the Matrix and a large unskilled workforce, Montreal became one of the world's largest producers of Matrix parts.

In 2064, Crash 2.0 hits the world. With Montreal's Matrix production infrastructure, the city became one of the lead producers of wireless Matrix parts in the world which rapidly grew Montreal and saw more people flock to the city for jobs.

Also after the Crash, Quebec also signs the Business Recognition Accords, which also helped aid the expansion of Montreal as megacorp looked to expand their extraterritorial holdings inside the republic. The land is comparatively cheap in Montreal, compared to Quebec City.




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