The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) is a UCAS intelligence agency within the Department of Defense, and a member of the UCAS Intelligence Community.[1] The director of the agency is a civilian, who is also an Assistant Secretary within the Department of the Air Force. The original purpose of the NRO is to design, build, maintain and operate the nation's spy satellites. It is unknown whether the NRO performs any analysis itself, or whether analysis is performed by the client agencies, e.g. CIA, DIA.

Due to the close relationship between UCAS and Ares Macrotechnology, and the fact that AresSpace is the leader in aerospace and orbital technology, NRO has strong ties to the aerospace subsidiary and is even referred to as, "a subsidiary of Ares in all but name."[2] This is reinforced by the fact that the NRO is headquartered in Eisenhower City, which is a city that straddles Loudoun County, North Virginia, and Fairfax County, FDC that is owned and controlled by AresSpace.[2]


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