The Nova Scorpion (Scorpionida novalis) is a large Awakened scorpion approximately 1 meter long, over ten times the size of the largest non-Awakened scorpion. It has a gold carapace that blends into desert sands. It possesses a stinger that carries one of the most poisonous venoms known to metahumanity.

Nova scorpions are nocturnal, burrowing into the sand in lairs that it can inhabit for months at a time, with other individual scorpions. The nova scorpion is one of the few arthropod species that births its young live. The scorpion young are frequently found on the backs of their mothers.

Nova scorpions are found in deserts worldwide, but large numbers of them live in the Mojave desert. Occasionally, corporate facilities will use the scorpion as a guard animal. While it can't be trained, it works well as a hidden perimeter defense at night.


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