File:Critter Novapossum.jpg
Picture from Paranormal Animals of North America

The Novopossum (Didelphis ericae) is a larger Awakened version of the opossum (Didelphis marsupialis). It is 0.75 meters in length, with light gray fur, small red eyes, and enlarged teeth.

The novopossum is a nocturnal omnivore, preferring insects (especially Awakened insects of the class Diplopada, also called Metapedes). It has a dangerously corrosive saliva that can burn its way through a Metapede's hard shell when the insect rolls up into a ball. Its saliva can also eat through a number of compounds, including ferrous metals and even ceramics. While they can climb well, they do not normally live in trees (similar to the opossum).

The novopossum lives in woodland areas scattered throughout the eastern and southern regions of North America. The species name comes from its discoverer, Erica Maclean, a respected naturalist married to Derek Maclean of Berkeley.


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