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The Nuyen (pronounced New Yen), symbol ¥, is the currency of Japan and the primary monetary unit of international trade. It replaced the older Yen as Japan's currency on 1 June 2012 as part of the Yamato act.

On 2 August 2036, Japan granted policy control of the nuyen to the Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaft Bank. Soon thereafter, the nuyen was established as the world accepted reserve currency.(SWA:54)

The Nuyen is accepted in virtually every country of the Sixth World and is the official currency of Australia, California, Denver, Japan, the Native American Nations, the Philippines, and Tir Tairngire.

Base exchange ratesEdit

The rates below are relatively stable in the long run, varying by up to ten percent in the short run, with rare spikes up to plus or minus 25%.

1 Nuyen typically converts to:

North AmericaEdit

  • 1 ¥ – California, Denver, NAN, Tir Tairngire
  • 2 ƒ – Québec Franc
  • 3 c$ – CAS Dollar
  • 4 u$ – UCAS Dollar
  • 500 aP – Aztlan Peso

South AmericaEdit


  • 1 € – Austria, Euskal Herria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Scandinavia, Spain
    • DM 2 – Deutsche Mark (physical currency only, phased out before 2063)
  • 0.5 S₣ – Swiss Franc (CHF)
  • £ 1.4 – Tír na nÓg Punt (circa 2063)
    • £ 2.2 – Tír na nÓg Punt (circa 2054)
  • £ 1.8 – U.K. Pound Sterling
  • 20 zł – Polish Złoty

Africa Edit

  • 20 ₦ – Nigerian Naira


  • 1 ¥ – Japan, Philippines
  • 2.5 ₹ – Indian Rupee (INR)
  • 3 руб – Russian Ruble (RUB)
  • 50 R$ – Malaysian Ringgit
  • 1,000 ₩ – Korean Won

Currency exchange feesEdit

Type of Exchange Surcharge Max Amount
Street Machine 1–6% 2,000 ¥ 
Currency Exchange 1–6% 5,000 ¥ 
Bank ½–3% 10,000 ¥
Black Market 5–25% Varies
Business (PoS) 5–10% 5,000 ¥ 

Only if you do not have an account with the bank, otherwise unlimited.
Only limited by the brokers available funds.


The nuyen has about the same buying power as a real life US dollar. This means that a good estimate for the cost of a basic item (clothes, meals, etc.) is a price in nuyen equal to the real world price in dollars.


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