The Octopus Lodge (Italian: Il Loge dei Calamari della Uniono Siciliano) is a Magical Group, composed of eleven magical gifted members of the Italian Mafia on Sicilia - soldati, sottocapi, capi regime and even two consigliere of allied families within the ruling cupola. These mobsters use their Magic to aid the various illegal businesses of the Cosa Nostra and to fight their rivals like Vory v Zakone, Triads, Yakuza and sometimes even their competitors inside the Alta Commissione like the Camorra, for example. Don Lucio Feretti, the Capo di tutti Capi of the Cosa Nostra as well, as of the whole Alta Commissione, is known to be suspicious on the loyalty of the group because of his general dislike of magic of all kinds.

The members of the group follow all an totem archetype of "Spider", but they consequently (mis)interprete it as "Octopus" for the bad sound of the word "web" (Italian: "Rete") - and there for "spider" - in the ears of the mobsters. - Surprisingly this hasn't any negative backlash on their magical power and abilities.


This magical group is a self-created organization, completely made up from own ideas by the user "Dorle" and should considered there for Non-Canon.

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