Paula Kozlowski was the widow of Stan Kozlowski, the Don of the Kozlowski Family and Capo of the New Orleans' Mob.

Stan inducted her into the Mafia traditions, and the two became partners in their family business. This, and especially the fact that Stan groomed her as his heir, led to much discomfort of the more traditional mobsters, like the Italian Mossinos. However, she was successful as the first Donna and, so the Comissione was forced to accept her as first Capa in North America. She and Stan had a daughter, Miriam Kozlowski, who followed Paula as the second Capa and donna of New Orleans.

Paula also has an older brother who is claimed to be father of Pamela Rodenbush, the so-called cousin and designated heir of Miriam Kozlowski. Many in the shadows believe, in fact, that Pamela may be the illegitimate daughter of Miriam, and Paula's brother was paid very well to call her his child.


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