Pittsburgh is a city in Pennsylvania, UCAS.

Vital Statistics (unofficial)Edit

Population: 1,805,521 
  Human: 90%
  Elf: 2%
  Dwarf: 4%
  Ork: 4%
  Troll: <1%
  Other: <1%
White: 71%
  Jewish: 11%
  Irish: 8%
  Italian: 10%
  English: 2%
  Russian: 2%
  German: 13%
  Polish: 7%
Black: 26%
Hispanic: 1%
  Puerto Rican: 22%
  Aztlaner: 30%
  Cuban: 5%
  Colombian: 2%
  Peruvian: 3%
Asian: 2%
  Chinese: 34%
  Vietnamese: 5%
  Asian Indian: 23%
  Japanese: 7%
  Filipino: 6%
  Korean: 12%
Amerindian: 0%
Corp Affiliations: 42%


Pittsburgh has a professional American Football team, which is called the "Pittsburgh Steelers". They play in the Eastern Division of the UCAS League.[1] Pittsburgh's affiliation with sports has marked it as keeping interest in past 5th world sports like football, baseball and hockey but also has crossed over into Professional Combat Biking and open forms of volunteer one on one combat and occasional special pay-per-view showings of Urban Brawl.


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