Rat’s Nest
Coordinates 47°47' N, 121°58' W
DisplayMap Seattle
Marker pin red padded
Rat's Nest

Rat’s Nest (officially, the North Seattle Garbage Center in the 2050s, the North Seattle Refuse Center in the 2060s, and the North Seattle Refuse and Reclamation Center in the 2070s) is a huge, open air garbage dump, located to the north of the Snoqualme River and bordering the Salish-Shidhe Council lands.

The Council often complains about the garbage center leaking pollutants into the Council lands.

It is an unofficial home to a community of thousands squatters, known as trash rats or gomi-nezumi to the local Yakuza. The name of this neighborhood comes from the group of Rat shamans who are prominent among the local squatters.


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