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Red Dragon Association or Hung Lung Mun is a centuries-old Triad, which used to be known as the "Red Fists".[1] The syndicate is based in Hong Kong with ties to the Great Dragon Lung and the AAA-rated megacorp, Wuxing, Inc..[2] It is a criminal empire that extends throughout China, Southeast Asia, North America, South America, and Australia.[3]

Criminal SuperpowerEdit

The Red Dragon Triad is the largest and most powerful Triad in the world, and the strongest in Hong Kong. It's criminal activities are diverse, covering virtually every type of organized crime activity. The Triad has dozens of branches in five of the six populated continents, and though those branches are either autonomous or independent they all pay tribute to Hong Kong.[3][4]

Being hundreds of years old, they have a centuries-old rivalry with the White Lotus Society.[5] The enmity between the two dates back at least to the Boxer Rebellion (1899-1901).[6] In 2017, with the assistance of the Great Dragon Lung, their main rivals in Hong Kong at the time were destroyed, the Majestic Peacock Association.[7][8] During the early decades of the Sixth World, it competed with the Yellow Lotus Triad. In 2062-2063, it waged a global war in the underworld against the Yellow Lotus destroying their rival.[9]

Since 2021, the Red Dragons have expanded their empire throughout the Pacific Rim. In the neighboring countries, they have absorbed the smaller local Triads, and seizing chunks of the regional and local criminal markets. They have also been expanding into Yakuza territories, which has resulted in turf wars in Southeast Asia, Oceania, and the Pacific Northwest of the former United States.[8]

While the Red Dragons have had setbacks, they have steadily made gains at the expense of the Yakuza. Their most recent coup was establishing themselves in the Yakuza's stronghold (Japan) and expanding their network throughout the country.[8][10] In Europe, the Red Dragons are expanding in the Allied German States with the assistance of Wuxing, Inc..[11] They have also expanded their influence into Russia, specifically the Russian Far East and the island of Kamchatka, and possibly as far west as Lake Baikal (north of Mongolia).[12][13]


The Red Dragon Association is the most united Triad syndicate in the world, member gangs operating closely with a largely unified vision.[14] They are extremely well-financed and therefore are able to start up branches anywhere there is a market worth exploiting.[4]

The Red Dragons are deeply into honoring their philosophy and mystical heritage. Most members of the Triad are Han Chinese and male, and the highest ranking are often Awakened. Currently the dragonhead (Lodge Master) is Hsiao Wai-Gong.[4] Serving as the Incense Master is the aging Mao Bei who also is a vassal of the Red Dragon Lung.[15] The power behind the Red Dragons and its true master is the Great Dragon Lung, who has several operatives within the syndicate including an elite team known as "The One" consisting of the physical adept William Xian, the technomancer Zarah, and Master Wu the mage.[16][17]

Southeast ChinaEdit

In Hong Kong, it became the most powerful triad by 2019 AD. They are involved in drugs, BTL chips, prostitution, counterfeit goods, smuggling, gambling, and other activities in Hong Kong. It controls the Container Port permitting them to smuggle in virtually anything, even military vehicles.[18]

The Red Dragons have a lot of influence over the megacorporations of Hong Kong.[3] Recently an alliance was established between the two most powerful entities in Hong Kong, the Red Dragons and Wuxing, Inc. Such that the former under the guidance of Lung's operatives, assisted Wuxing in its takeover of Prometheus Engineering in NY City.[19][20]

Next door in the Canton Confederation, the Red Dragons are prolific smugglers. Their greatest activity is in the province of Guangdong, which is adjacent to both Hong Kong and Macao. Lacking the connections to the provincial governments which the White Lotus have, they are unable to operate in the open.

What the Red Dragons do have are strong ties to the Confederacy's armed forces. So strong in fact, that there are rumors that the Cantonese army let's them smuggle out nuclear material / technology which they then sell to the warlords.[1]

Private ArmyEdit

The Red Dragons have the distinction of having their own little private army of mercenaries at their beck and call. Working for the Red Dragon Triad since 2070, is the 58th Battle Brigade. It was an elite mercenary unit formed in 2054 and founded by a Chinese colonel whom were considered elite jungle fighters. The unit saw much action, primarily in Southeast Asia. In the aftermath of a disastrous operation in Vietnam, they fell on hard times.

Now it is a resilient light infantry force of 2-3 companies (160-450 men) whom have become expert pillagers and scavengers, and whose method of waging war is shoot first, shoot often, and shoot them in the back if possible.[21] In 2076, the 58th Battle Brigade was used in the Battle of Manhattan against Prometheus Engineering leading to its eventual takeover by the Red Dragons' new ally, Wuxing, Inc.[22][23]

Global Empire of CrimeEdit

The Red Dragon Triad has dozens of branches, affiliates, and vassal gangs across the world. The only continents where they do not have a presence is in Africa and frozen Antarctica. The continent with the greatest Red Dragon presence is Asia and the one with the smallest presence is Europe with only a few vassals or affiliates;[3][4]

  • China: The Red Dragons are active throughout mainland China.[3] They are strongest in the Canton Confederation (especially the southeastern part).[6] Due to the interests of the Great Dragon Lung, the states of Sichuan and Gansu are another focus of the Triad.[24] The Coastal Province of Shandong where the dragon Lung resides would qualify also.[25]
  • Japan: In the aftermath of the earthquakes in the Year of the Comet, the Red Dragons have not only established a foothold in Japan, but they have spread like a plague. By providing loans to the desperate, they've taken control of legitimate businesses throughout the nation and set up criminal enterprises at the expense of the local Yakuza.[10][26]
  • Russia: Directly or through it's vassals, it's reach extends into Siberia. Especially the Russian Far East (e.g. Vladivostok and the island of Kamchatka to the northeast of Japan.[12]
  • Southeast Asia: The Red Dragons are active throughout Southeast Asia.[6][3] Like the other major Triads, it's main focus is the Golden Triangle and its drug trade.[27]
  • Australia: It has a presence throughout Australia.[3] The strongest affiliate there is the Golden Triangle Society which is the 3rd most powerful Triad in the country.[28]
  • South America: The Red Dragons have a presence throughout South America.[3] In this continent, their most important affiliate at this time are the Twenty-Eight Cranes whom have been steadily expanding.[29]
  • North America: It is active throughout North America.[3] Their most powerful lodge in North America is in Montreal, which they turned into the North American capital of Matrix crime.[30] The best known affiliates are the Mutual Prosperity League of Boston, the Octagon Triad in Seattle, and a branch of the Golden Triangle Society in Denver.[31][32][33] In 2076, they brought NY City's most powerful Triad, the Big Circle Society under it's control.[34]
  • Europe: The Red Dragons have branches in this continent, the most important at the moment being in Germany which is growing in power due to the assistance of Wuxing, Inc.[35]
  • Oceania: The Red Dragons have expanded into the island chains of central and southern Pacific (e.g. Polynesia).[8]

Red Dragon Triad (modified a map from Shadowhelix)

Red Dragon Triad (Branches and Vassals, plus the Drug & Smuggling Empire)


The "Red Fists" is an actual Triad which existed in the 19th century, also known as the "Red Boxing School". It along with the White Lotus Society and the Big Swords Society (another Triad) participated in the unsuccessful anti-Western Boxer Rebellion, as they attempted to expel the Western aggressors from China. They were known for practicing martial arts, praying to Chinese deities, and believing that magic and Chi martial arts would prevail against Western firearms.[2][3]


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