Red Dragon Association or Hung Lung Mun

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Empire of CrimeEdit

The Red Dragon Triad is the largest and most powerful Triad in the world, and the strongest in Hong Kong. Within China they are dominant in the southeastern part of the Canton Confederation[1] and in Sichuan[2].

They have most extensive global network of all the Triads, with branches not only in China but also Southeast Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Russia, and even one in Japan. It's criminal activities are diverse, covering virtually every type of organized crime activity. Those branches are independent but pay tribute to Hong Kong.[3]


The Red Dragon Association is the most united Triad syndicate in the world, member gangs operating closely with a largely unified vision.[4] They are extremely well-financed and therefore are able to start up branches anywhere there is a market worth exploiting.

The Red Dragons are deeply into honoring their philosophy and mystical heritage. Most members of the Triad are Han Chinese and male, and the highest ranking are often Awakened. Currently the dragonhead (Lodge Master) is Wai-Gong[5], though it is rumored that it's really the great dragon Lung that controls the Triad.

Red Dragon Association from Shadowrun Sourcebook, Dragons of the Sixth World)

Hong KongEdit

In Hong Kong, it became the most powerful triad in 2019 AD. They are involved in drugs, BTL chips, prostitution, counterfeit goods, smuggling, gambling, and other activities in Hong Kong. Control the Container Port permitting them to smuggle in virtually anything, even military vehicles.[6] They also have influence over the megacorporations of Hong Kong.[7]

In 2062-2063 AD, the Red Dragons and their main rival the Yellow Lotus in Hong Kong went to war. In the process the fighting spread globally to include their respective overseas branches. The war ended in the virtual annihilation of the Yellow Lotus.[8] Only one lodge of the Yellow Lotus remains, the one in Seattle.[9]


There are a number of Triads around the world that are backed by the Red Dragons. Three of them are in the UCAS, one of which is the Golden Triangle Society in the city of Denver (which is also a power in Australia). Further east is the Mutual Prosperity League in the city of Boston. On the west coast, there is the Octagon Triad in the city of Seattle.


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