The Red Hot Nukes are a Gang of Dwarfs - i. e. dwarven adepts - that calls the Redmond-Barrens in Seattle its turf.

Their colors are red and grey, their symbol is a mushroom cloud and they always wear baseball caps.

They are led by a dwarven adept, a former shadowrunner, called Grinder, who has strong anti-corporate feelings and sees himself as a neo-anarchist.

Their initiation rite consists of having to defuse a bomb built by Grinder. If the newcomer succeeds, he's in. If not, then the blast usually kills them.

They excel in explosives and use self constructed bombs as a tool for extortion of protection money or for destroying buildings in order to help lokals to commit insurance fraud. Sometimes they hire their explosive skills even for terrorist attacks or wetwork.

The Red Hot Nukes are long-time enemies of the «Rusted Stilettos» gang, but - following Grinders neo-anarchist view - they have the tendency to call any other gang in the Redmond Barrens - like the «Crimson Crush», the «Brain Eaters» or even the feared «Spiders» - "enemies of the people" and tend feuding with them sometimes.


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Primary Sources on the Subject of Red Hot Nukes are:

  • Shadowrun Companion (Second Edition)
  • Shadowrun Companion (Revised for Third Edition)

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