Renton (as of 2072)
Population: 218,000
Humans: 65%
Elves: 10%
Dwarves: 2%
Orks: 20%
Trolls: 1%
Other: 2%
Size: 259 square km
Population Density: 840/km2
Per Capita Income: 90,000¥
Below Poverty Level: 19%
On Fortune's Active Traders List: 1%
Corporate-Affiliated: 68%
Felonious Crime Rate: Unknown
Less Than 12 Years: 19%
High School Equivalency: 43%
College Degrees: 26%
Advanced Degrees: 12%
Hospitals: 13
Local Telecomm Grid Access No: Local Telecomm Grid Access: 16206
DisplayMap Seattle
Overlay Seattle Renton

Renton is one of the most "average" districts in Seattle - which isn't saying much. It's primarily a middle-low class residential neighborhood.

Renton’s problems are less serious than those of the Redmond Barrens, but the district has definitely seen better days. Renton has more gangs than any other area in Seattle except Redmond and is also a hotbed of Humanis Policlub activity, making anti-metahuman sentiment all too common.


Renton is surrounded by Bellevue and Redmond in the north, Downtown Seattle and Tacoma in the west, Auburn in the south, and Salish-Shidhe Council lands in the east.


About 35% of Renton's population is metahuman.


The 2048 elections saw the rise of mayor Carl B. Vandersalm for his third term.

Humanis Policlub Seattle headquarters are located here.


Renton's features many of Seattle's commercial shops aiming at middle and low class customers.

It is also notable for a number of security industry and software industry facilities.


Lone Star Security Ratings Edit

  • AAA: Lake Young
  • AA: Four Lakes, Maple Valley, Renton, Spring Lake
  • A: Issaquath (some areas), Thomas (some areas)
  • B: Issaquath (some areas), Meredith (some areas), Thomas (some areas)
  • C: Christopher, Meredith (some areas)

Locations Edit



Bars & NightclubsEdit


Government BuildingsEdit


Medical FacilitiesEdit


Mafia and Yakuza are highly active here.

Major gangs include the Blood Mountain Boys (go-gang) and the Night Hunters (thrill gang).


  • Vital statistics were unchanged from 2050 to 2072 or were not reported more than once. Infoboxes for specific decades can be found in on the first page of relevant sourcebooks (see sources).
  • 2072 book did not provide an update on any topics but places of interest



  • numerous shadowtalk comments have been offered on this topic throughout available sources:
    • 2050 (Seattle Sourcebook):
    • 2060 (New Seattle):
    • 2072 (Seattle 2072):

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