The Road Racer (Geococcyx californianus paisanus) is the Awakened cousin of the greater roadrunner (Geococcyx californianus). It stands about 0.75 meters tall at the shoulder. It has dark and light stripes on its body, with a lighter belly and a red topknot. It has a long and thin beak.

Road Racers, like their mundane cousins, are omnivores that feed on lizards, small mammals, insects, and plants. They can travel at extremely high speeds by foot, but they can only fly for short distances. They are known for being compulsive creatures of habit and run the same routes at the same time every day. They also are known for being pack rats and are attracted to shiny objects, often stealing items when encountering metahumanity.

Some locations (especially outposts far from the reach of technology) have tried using Road Racers as messenger birds, as they will compulsively pursue the same route every day. The Road Racer is found throughout the southwestern deserts of North America.