Rockhound is the matrix persona of a Parageologist, who posted shadowtalk and chapters for some Shadowfiles on the old Shadowland BBS. Nearly ten years after the second matrix crash he was reactivated by Fastjack to become a guest author on the Jackpoint P2P network.

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In 2054 Rockhound posted something about lesser manalines in urban parts of North America and what it would mean to the gifted magican in the old Shadowland on April fourth. [1] In 2061 he wrote the chapter on the topic of "The Orichalcum Rush", that became part of the shadowfile "Year of the Comet" compiled by Captain Chaos.[2]


Being asked by Fastjack Rockhound became a guest member on Jackpoint, where he wrote the major part of the «Parageology» shadowfile. Given topics of that shadowfile were geomancy, Manalines of different type and magical minerals.[3]


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