Name: Rod Anderson Metatype Human Age 43


Body | 4 Agility | 3 Reaction | 3 Strength | 4

Charisma | 2 Intuition | 2 Logic | 3 Willpower | 3

Special Stats:

Professional Rating | 1 Group Edge | 2 Essence | 6

Magic | 0 Resonance | 0

Initiative | 1 Passes | 1

Physical Damage Meter | 10 Stun Damage Meter | 10

Description Rod Anderson is a white human male. He has blue eyes and light brown hair in a buzz cut. His face is full of acne scaring from his childhood. He is in good shape and works out often. He is the wrestling coach of Seattle University. He is a very serious man who doesn't take jokes well. He is stern and intense but has a soft heart. He looks down on cyberware and drugs, feeling that it is a form of cheating. He also is slightly racist against metahumans, but tries not to show it. He will put a metahuman on the team if it means a win.


Active Skills: Atlethics 3 (Wrestling 4), Perception 2, Etiquette 2, Unarmed Combat 3, Dodge 3.

Knowledge Skills: Workout Regiments 3, Wrestling Moves 4, Wrestling Teams 3 (UCAS Teams 5), Diets 2, Sports 3, Sports History 3, Academic Politics 2


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