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Name: Ron Harval Metatype Human Archetype: Hacker Adept


Body | 3(5) Agility | 4(6) Reaction | 4(7) Strength | 2

Charisma | 1 Intuition | 5 Logic | 5 Willpower | 3

Special Stats:

Edge | 2 Essence | 6

Magic | 6 Resonance | 0

Initiative (Matrix) | 9(10) Passes (Matrix) | 1(2)

Physical Damage Meter | 10 Stun Damage Meter | 10


Positive: Adept.

Negative: Mild Addiction (BTLs), Mild Addiction (stims), Allergy (severe, peanuts), Elf poser, SINner.


Ron is a security hacker for Knight Errant. He keeps sensitive information in and keeps the baddies out. All in a days work for this matrix junkie. He spends most of his time at work patroling the system and pluging up holes that he finds. On his off time, he can be found on the matrix, playing games, making friends, and testing his skills. He also has a very large interest in "elven culture" and tries to pass himself off as one at any chance he gets


Active Skills: Athletics Skill group 1, Electronics Skill group 4, Cybercombat 5, Hacking 5, Electronic Warfare 4, Blades 4, Automatics 4, Etiquette 1, Infiltration 1.

Knowledge Skills:Security Procedures (Megacorps) 4(6), Security Design (Corporate) 4(6), Security Companies (Knight Errant) 3(5), Corporate Security Tactics 4, Computer Background 4, Security Systems 4, Parazoology (North America) 2(4), elven culture 3.

Language Skills: English (N).

Adept Powers: Improved Reflexes 2, Improved Ability (Cybercombat) 5, Improved Ability (Hacking) 5, Attribute Boost (Body) 1, Attribute Boost (Agility) 1.



(Name) (type) (Damage) (AP) (Mode or Reach) (RC) (Notes)

Ares Alpha | AR | 6P | -1 | SA/BF/FA | 2 | 42c (w/ Sound Suppressor, Airburst link, Gyrostabilization, Shock Pad, and Skinlink)

Combat Axe | Bl | (STR/2 + 4)P | –1 | 2

Forearm Snap-Blades| Bl | (STR/2 + 2)P | — | —


Chameleon Suit 6/4

Urban Explorer Helmet -/+2 (w/ Microsensor (camera w/ lowlight) and skinlink)

Gear: Meta Link, Commlink w/ Rating 5 Response upgrade, Rating 5 Signal upgrade, skinlink, hotSIM simlink. Rating 4 IC/Pilot/Agent program, Trodes w/ skinlink, Tool kit (Hardware skill) Contact Lenses w/ skinlink, image link, smartlink, and flare compensation Glasses w/ thermographic vision, Rating 3 vision enhancement, and vision magnification Cosmetic Surgery (minor), Earbud w/ Rating 3 audio enhancement and Rating 3 Select Sound Filter Headphones w/ Spatial Recognizer, Backpack filled with personal effects, EX-EX ammo, and fragmentation minigrenades, Street lifestyle.

Programs: Analyze 6, Browse 6, Command 6, Edit 6, Scan 6, Armor 6, Attack 6, Encrypt 5, Decrypt 6, Defuse 6, ECCM 5, Medic 6, Sniffer 6, Spoof 5, Stealth 6, Track 6.


Blogger (Connection 1/Loyalty 1)

Fixer (Connection 3/Loyalty 1)


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