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San Francisco is a metroplex in the Bay Area of California Free State, which has been controlled by various Japanese regimes for close to 40 years now. From 2061 to 2067 it served as the "capital" of General Saito's expanding California Protectorate. After the collapse of the occupational state, Mitsuhama has become the new major controlling faction in the city, along with other Japanacorps continuing the strong Japanese presence.


Awakened biotaEdit

Sea Leeches in San Francisco Bay [1][2]


April 2051: bomb in San Francisco BART line [3]

October 2051: earthquake hits San Francisco Bay [4][3]

EMP bomb explodes in San Francisco during Crash of 2064 [5]

MCT props up Saito's regime after the crash [6]

MCT takes a lead role in San Francisco after Saito's fall [7]


Corporate presenceEdit

Mitsuhama North-American headquarters in San Francisco [8]

Renraku America headquarters in San Francisco [9]



San Francisco Giants, San Francisco Whales, San Francisco 49ers [10]

Golden State Warriors [11]



Black Chrysanthemums smuggling people from Hong Kong [12]

smuggling goods from Seattle [13]

Tempo smuggling by the Koshari and Ancients in early 2070s [14]


Yakuza: Sons of the Neon Chrysanthemum [15], Karatsa-gumi [16]

Los Angeles and San Francisco divided between Triads and Yakuza [17]


San Francisco-Seattle high-speed maglev [18][19]

San Francisco International Airport [20]


Lucien Cross' corporate jet crashed close to San Francisco [21]

cable car spirit [22]


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In System Failure Mitsuhama states that after some deliberation they decided to relocate their North American headquarters to San Francisco. Since the decision is connected to the pullout from Tsimshian, this seems to imply that the headquarters was located in Tsimshian at that time. But according to New Seattle not only has it been in Seattle a few years before that (2060), it also remained there according to Runner Havens (2070). (sf p. 107 -- ns p. 92, rh p. 78)




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