Sarah is a character in Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown. She is a mid-ranking officer with the Boston contract of Knight Errant. After being rescued by the player character(s) following the riots at Fenway, she begins to reluctantly work with them to uncover the truth behind the incident and the rise of Damon. Though she is initially distrustful of shadowrunners, she comes to respect them as their business relationship carries on. Despite her profession, she has a punkish appearance, wearing her uniform improperly and styling her black hair in a side-shave with a couple of blonde streaks.

Though she maintains her KE loyalty as well as a general belief in its mission and good intentions, she begins to work outside her job's parametres in an attempt to curtail the more negative influences within the corporation, and get things done that could not be accomplished on the record. To this end, she generally employs a local shadowrunner living in Chinatown's Leather District Market; they first meet when this individual rescues her from wrongful imprisonment in her own precinct. Ultimately, Sarah agrees to help Allison Sanborn establish a satellite uplink that will allow her to broadcast news from inside Boston beyond the lockdown, casting light on NeoNET and Aztechnology's crimes. Unfortunately, just as she finishes the job she is killed when Jane, who has been infested with nanites and begun to go rogue, overloads the console she is using and causes it to explode.

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