Security is a major industry in the Sixth World due to police privatization and the corporate need for security against intrigue and espionage.

Public Security Edit

30% of North American cities maintain their own government police forces. The rest contract policing out to private corporations. In the UCAS, Lone Star holds 62% of the available municipal contracts, Knight Errant holds 34%, with the remaining 4% among myriad smaller companies.

Major Players:

Secondary Players:

Other Players:

Matrix Security Edit

Major Players:


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  • Eagle Security holds contracts in the CAS, the UCAS, Sioux Nation, and Salish-Shidhe Council (sa64.73)
  • Petrovski Security usually operates under local subsidiaries with different names (sa64.73)
  • Sakura Security has contracts throughout Japan and regularly engages in metatype profiling (sa64.73)
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