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Seoulpa Rings, Nations with Rings

The Seoulpa Rings are a group of Korean organized crime syndicates established outside of Korea.


The Seoulpa Rings are centered around Seattle, the city being a birthplace for the organizations following the Yakuza's stateside purge of Korean members in the 2040s. With the assistance of the Korean Jo-poks, they not only survived but grew and expanded outside of the Seattle sprawl.[1]

Seattle RingsEdit

The Rings have always been considered a wild card in Seattle's shadows. A Seoulpa Ring is small in size, compared to a Mafia family or Yakuza boryokudan, and tightly organized, and tend to operate individually of other Rings. They have a reputation of being ruthless and adaptive to new technologies and magics, although the Rings' power has begun to wane with the growth of the Native American mobs and the encroachment of the Vory.

When the Shotozumi-rengo was formed, the Shotozumi-sama offered peace to the Seoulpa Rings so they could unite against their common foe the Watanabe-rengo. The Seoulpa Rings rejected the peace offering and attempted to assassinate him. War followed in which the Shotozumi-rengo virtually annihilated the Seoulpa Rings of Seattle. Only two remain, the Choson Ring (which absorbed the surviving remnants) and the Komun'go Ring.[1]


Seoulpa Rings expanded to a couple of the states that were formed out of the United States. They expanded to cities like San Francisco,[2] Los Angeles,[3], New York City,[4] and Atlanta.[5] Though the Seoulpa Rings were mostly wiped out in Seattle, the are Seoulpa Rings elsewhere in the country. In the city of New York City, it's Seoulpa Rings continue to be major players.[6][7]

There are also Seoulpa Rings working outside the country, especially in Russia where they are expanding in the country with Vladivostok being a Seoupla Ring stronghold.[8][9] Another nation with Seoulpa Rings is the Allied German States, especially in the German state of Franconia.[10][11] Backing the Seoulpa Rings in Germany and perhaps elsewhere is the Eastern Tiger Corporation.[12]

Seoulpa RingsEdit


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