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Matrix runs are shadowruns in which you are asked to go into a computer system and do one of several things (download data, upload data, delete data, crash the CPU). The data transfers must be done from a specific datastore (DS) on the system, which of course the Johnson tells you about. Actually, the Johnson won't specifically refer to the actual DS's name, so if you're confused, make sure to check the CyberInfo screen in the Cyberdeck screen for a listing of the specific Node to visit and the specific action to perform.

Matrix runs are kind of convenient in that they don't require any traveling. You can get the run from the Johnson, walk next door to a terminal, jack in and make the run, walk back over to the Johnson, and get paid. Simple. If you are really good at decking and can tear through systems, this is one of the fastest ways to get Karma since there's no running around to do. You don't even need to assemble a team, since your decker (be it you or someone else) will work alone.

Matrix runs are one of the three types of runs that are divided into simple, moderate, and expert runs -- the other two being extraction and acquisition runs, as you'll see below. However, Matrix runs are the only ones where the Johnson will specifically tell you which type of run it is. In the other types, all three difficulties will sound exactly alike and you'll have to look at the pay range to see how tough of a job it really is.

Finally, a little tip that applies to all Matrix runs, especially the ones where your target is a DS: once you've accomplished your mission, grab all the data you can before you leave the system. You spent all that time hacking into the system to do the run, so why not grab some files on the way out? It's possible to make more than ten times your pay on the run just by selling data afterwards. You'll definitely help yourself out in the long run by using this tactic.

In fact, if the target system has more than one DS, you can "milk" a Matrix run by NOT completing it. Instead of going to the target datastore, go to the other one and download as much paydata as you can, exit the system, sell your paydata, then re-enter the system and do it again as often as you like. As long as the mission has not been completed or aborted, every time you connect to the Matrix you will re-enter that same system and can keep milking it as long as you like.

Simple Matrix RunsEdit

425¥ (from Mortimer Reed)
500¥ (from Vigore & Jarl)
2 (1 from Vigore & Jarl)
see above

Simple Matrix runs are always against low-level unnamed systems. The Johnson will just refer to them as "a local company" or something. These systems will generally have 10 or fewer Nodes, and almost no Tar Pit or BlackIce.

Moderate Matrix RunsEdit

2,600¥ (from Julius Strouther)
2,550-2,750¥ (from Caleb Brightmore)
3,000¥ (from Vigore & Jarl)
3 (2 from Vigore & Jarl)
see above

Moderate Matrix runs are sometimes against small-time named systems such as Seattle General Hospital or Club Penumbra, but are mostly against unnamed systems.

Expert Matrix RunsEdit

6,000-6,100¥ (from Caleb Brightmore)
6,350¥ (from Vigore & Jarl)
5 (4 from Vigore & Jarl)
see above

Expert Matrix runs will always be against a named system that belongs to a large corp or even the UCAS itself. These runs are very tricky, and if you don't use the maps in this FAQ, half the trouble will probably be finding the right Node. Make sure you have a powerful deck before you try to make a living with these. Then again, if you get good at it, you can make a killing by taking Matrix runs and loading up on data on your way out of the system. In a high-end system, you can easily make 30,000¥ plus 5 Karma a run.


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