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X means replace with a numeral. (Italics) means replace with the appropriate text.

Name: (name)

Metatype (Metatype)


Body | x

Strength | x

Agility | x

Reaction | x

Willpower | x

Charisma | x

Logic | x

Intuition | x

Special Stats:

Professional Rating | x

Group Edge | x

Essence | x

Magic | x

Resonance | x

Initiative | x

Passes | x

Physical Damage Meter | x

Stun Damage Meter | x


(Skill or skill Group (Specialization) | Rating (specialization) | Dice pool (specialization))

Equipment: Weapons:

(Name) (type) (Damage) (AP) (Mode or Reach) (Notes)


(Name) (Ballistic/Impact)



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