The Belrogs


During the Euro Wars a high percentage of the Metahuman Conscripted by the various factions where used as expendable shock troops, that were sacrificed in large numbers to win battle when the same result could have been achieved with less loss of life on both sides if the tactics used played to the strengths of soldiers being used.

This came to a head for Hannible Lomaks, a third generation Australian Troll Mercenary of Eastern European descent when he turned up at the end of one such battle to see the number of casualties on both sides that could have been reduced if the soldiers had been issued with better equipment and training.

After he had returned to base, Hannible filed his afteraction report and then called in a few favours.  What came out of this was the next target that his unit was tasked with taking was eliminated with a small eight man team of Trolls in battle armour instead of the mased ranks of suicide troops that was the original plan.

Lomaks and his team achieved the object with no loss of life on their side but with a huge kill ratio against the enemies.


The Belrogs are a Mercenary Unit with a difference.

That biggest difference is that most members are of the Troll Metatype, Though some members of the unit are of Ork metatype usually being the larger members of that metatype

The second difference is that most of the fire teams consist of four soldiers wearing Heavy Military Armour and they are usually armed with either a battle rifle with the heavy chamber modification [1] and 100 round drum magazines or a Heavy Machine Gun (HMG).

Usually deployed in four man (Troll) fire team with a Team Leader, a Specialist (either a Mage, a Hacker, a Rigger/Pilot or a Medic), a Weapon Expert and a Trooper who is usually trained in demolitions.

In larger engagements three fire-teams will be deployed as a Squad with a Sergeant (13 members in total, each of the teams will have a different type of Specialist), three Squads with a Sergeant Major or Master Chief and a Command Team make a platoon (44 members in total) and five platoons with a command section make a company. (130 personal)

There are three main battle companies of the Belrogs plus the Shadow Company and two support companies that include the Medical personal, Artillery units, Transport and the Support and Supply personal.

The Shadow Company: The Shadow Company is the Recon Element of the Belrogs, this may seem a contradiction in terms of a unit of heavily armed Trolls that undertake stealth operations.

They undertake the recon, assassination and infiltration operations that would be normally tasked to personal such as the Tír Ghosts or a black ops Unit. 

This company is commonly only deployed in smaller units (usually a single fire team) alongside other elements of the Belrogs. 

The Shadow Company tends towards Chameleon Suits or Camouflage Gear rather than Military armour as this work better for the fulfilling of their role.

The common make up of Shadow Fire Team is a Team Leader who tend to be a Hacker, a Recon Mage who tends towards invisibility type magics rather than Combat spells, A trooper who tends towards Martial Adepts or Cybered equivalents and a weapon Expert. Their weapons tend towards Battle Rifles that have been modified with suppressors rather than the Heavy Chamber modification.   

The Support Companies: Uually deployed alongside one of the Battle Companies, the support companies can be deployed as smaller units, the smallest being Platoon size which includes:

A Medical Unit which is made up of: Three Doctors, six Orderlies / Nurses, a Cyber Surgeon, two Technicians and two Security / Drivers.

A Quarter Masters Unit which is up of: A Quartermaster (the NCO in charge), two Armourers, two Mechanics, two Technicians, two Drivers / support personal and a four man Security Team.

And either a Transport or Artillery Unit

The Transport Unit is made up of a Crew Chief (the NCO in charge), three vehicle crews (three man crew) and three mechanic / technicians. The Common vehicles used are the Nissan Hound attack helicopter or a Heavy ATV depending on the transport requirements of the contract. 

An Artillery unit is made up of a Crew Chief (the NCO in charge), three gunnary crews (three man crew) and three Security / Drivers.


The Belrogs customise their armour so that they have a deciderly demonic aspect. Usually in colours of red and black.

The Belrogs Unit Symbol is a Grinning metallic Troll Skull wreathed in Flames.

The only company that does not deplay this symbol is the Shadow Company whoses Unit Symbol is a Troll Silhuette onlined on a Red diamond background.


  1. see the o23124903War! Suppliment for details