Shiva was the Master System Administrator of the Denver Data Haven, aka the Nexus.

Once known as Gennedy Polemov, Shiva departed his former country of Russia when the change in politics earned him a death sentence. Shiva was considered the best and most dangerous decker at the Nexus, with a generally calm and pleasant demeanor. However he was regarded as extremely dangerous if his anger was aroused. Shiva and Bash maintained a pleasant working relationship, even though they did not get along in person.

Shiva's icon was a tall, slender male with short light hair wearing all black programmed with a high degree of resolution. According to Silvery K, both Bash and Shiva where destroyed while trying to fight off the worm Jörmungandr released in cooperation between Winternight and their allies, the Otaku tribe known as Ex Pacis. which led to the Matrix Crash 2.0 in 2064.


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