The Shroud of Shadows is a magical artifact that is about three meters to a side. It is a sheer, filmy, black material as fine as silk, with silver threads throughout and stitches of silver bordering the edges. It is supernaturally strong, and cannot be affected by normal means or magical damage.

In the astral plane, it radiates a sense of peace and calm. It is rumored to soothe and calm negative emotions on the wearer, as well as have a deleterious effect on spirits using possession powers. It is also rumored that it is extremely difficult to track magically and that this power extends to the Shroud's wearer.

The Shroud was willed to the Great Dragon Aden in Dunkelzahn's Will in 2057.


Aden does not care to have his temper diminished, however, and placed the artifact in a ruined mosque in Tehran. It later became a focus of the Rite of Succession in 2062.