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Government Type: Military Dictatorship (Magocrathy)
Capital: Chengdu
Leaders:  :President-General: Liang Hong
Population 40,414,000
Human Unknown
Elf Unknown
Dwarf Unknown
Ork Unknown
Troll Unknown
Other Unknown
Per Capita Income: Unknown
Estimated SINless: Unknown
Below Poverty Level: Unknown
Corporate Affiliation: Unknown
Less Than Twelve Years Unknown
High School Equivalency Unknown
College Degrees Unknown
Advanced Degrees Unknown
Major Ethnic Groups:
Han (95%)
Yi (3%)
Other (2%)
Major Languages Spoken:
Mandarin (99%)
Major Religions:
Confucianism, Buddhism, shamanism, and Daoism
Currency: Nuyen (Â¥)
No medical service information available.

Sichuan is a state in divided China. It is a militaristic, magocratic warlord state located in central China.


Its leader, General Liang shot to fame defending the territory from Canton Confederacy raiders in 2042. He was promptly promoted by the military to General and staged a coup. By 2044 he had marched on the capital of Chengdu and installed himself as leader.


Run by a "General" - the title is honourary but people still refer to him as General. Although it has elections, a legislature, and a judicial system and calls itself a Republic, Liang runs the place autocratically with Lung's support. The un-Awakened are informally barred from holding higher ranking positions in the local government, these are reserved for magic users.