Mack Wolchowski is a runner based in Atlanta, CAS. He is ex-CAS military. He specializes in wetwork, especially ghoul-hunting. He has completed a few ops for the local Yakuza, and has made enemies of the local Triads. He fought in Texas against Aztechnology for a number of years, and hates them with a passion.

Name: Mack Wolchowski (Ski)
Race: Human Sex: Male Age: 29
Description: Average height, brown hair, green eyes, CSA longcoat, A shirt, Cargo pants, combat boots.

Body: 5
Quickness: 6
Strength: 5
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 5
Willpower: 5
Essence: 2.35
Magic: 0

Reaction 6
Initiative 6 + 2d6
Karma Pool: 5 Good Karma: Current 16/ Total 41
Combat Pool: 8

Athletics 3
Pole Arms (Bayonet) 4/6
Unarmed Combat 4
Throwing Weapons 4
Shotguns 6
Shotguns B/R 4
Stealth 6
Intimidation 3
Car 5
Car B/R 1
Biotech 4
Edged Weapons 4
Etiquette 3
Electronics 1
Electronics B/R 1
Demolitions 1

Knowledge Skills:
English 4 Read/Write 2
Spanish 4 Read/Write 2
Arms Dealers 2
Gunsmithing 3
Miltech Manufacturers 3
Physics (Ballistics) 2/3
CSA Tactics 4
CSA Military Etiquette 2
Paranormal Animals 2
Combat Biking 1
Team Handsignals 3

Everyday wear: Secure Longcoat, Secure Clothing
Mission: Urban Camouflage Armored Coveralls with Thermal 1, baclava, helmet

Radio 5
Commlink 2
Encryption 4
Subvocal Microphone
Ears: Dampener/Select Sound 1/Amplification
Eyes: Flare Compensation/Low Light/Thermographic/Optical 3
Smartlink 1
Boosted Reflexes 2

Franchi SPAS-22 with Bayonet (10 clips of Extra Explosive rounds)
Flash-Pak (4)
Concussion Grenades (6)
Shurikens (20)

Other Gear:
Basic DocWagon Contract
Plasteel Restraints
Regular Medkit
Micro Camcorder with head harness

Omar - Gun Dealer
Sergeant Jake Malone - Active CSA Spec Ops
Mr. X - fixer (based in the Nightmare Cafe, an underground nightclub)
DK Knives - Street Doc
Carmen Rodriguez - Reporter
Jim Smith - Cameraman
Joseph Standing Bear - Shaman - Level 2 Contact
Chief Iron Claw - runs shantytown in the Southside
Blue - bum - watches over safehouse in Southside
Stonewalls - street gang - enemy
Triad - enemy

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