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Smoke Circle Triad

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The Smoke Circle Society is a triad based in Hong Kong.

The Smoke Circle Society is currently led by the 88-year old Shing Li Tai who is the Shan Chu (Dragonhead). He is assisted by the inscrutable and beautiful Incense Master, Xi Shu and the lethal cybernetically-enhanced Guardian known as Gengchen (Metal Dragon).[1]


The Smoke Circle Society controls the largest share of the trade in Golden Triangle opium and Awakened drugs, having agreements with several of Southeast Asia's drug lords. Other major sources of revenue for the triad are the trafficking in wildlife parts, talislegging, and prostitution.They get young children addicted to their drugs and then force them to work in the flesh trade. In Hong Kong they are also strong in gambling.[2] Their human trafficking network extends throughout Asia, where take advantage of poor and desperate families to buy unwanted girls for the sex trade.[3]

Tempo Drug WarEdit

In 2071, the Smoke Circle Society went to war with the Black Chrysanthemum Triad in Hong Kong for control of the Tempo drug trade. It was a brutal, bloody conflict which cost 10s of thousands of lives. In the end both triads were greatly weakened, as the Smoke Circle Society lost 50% of its strength and their rivals the Black Chrysanthemum lost 30%. Fighting between the two continues, but a lower intensity.[4]

Criminal NetworkEdit

  • China: Active in the southern part of China, including the state of Yunnan and the city-state of Hong Kong.[5][4]
  • Southeast Asia: It operates throughout Southeast Asia. Like it's rival Triads, it's focus is on the Golden Triangle drug trade.[6][5][7]


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