Black Madonna
Black Madonna
Authors Carl Sargent, Marc Gascoigne
Publication information
Publisher Roc Books
Publication date 1996
ISBN 0-451-45373-5
Language English

Black Madonna is a Shadowrun novel by Carl Sargent and Marc Gascoigne.

Detailed informationEdit

Publisher blurbEdit


Michael Sutherland is a hardened decker who's been around. But when a panicked Renraku Corp enlists his services, he quickly realizes this is no ordinary crisis--he's up against a mysterious blackmailer, who's engineered the most stylish and sophisticated electronic virus ever to destroy a computer system....

Aided by Elven mage Serrin Shamandar, Sutherland has ten days to track down a fanatic desperate to show the rest of the world the ancient Truth of the Black Madonna--and willing to do anything toward that end. And with the secretive Vatican and the mysterious Priory of Sion hot to reach Leo, Sutherland's not so sure he can save the technological world as he knows it....


  • German: Schwarze Madonna
  • French: La Madone noire
  • Hungarian: Fekete madonna

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