• Iron Jaws: A Prologue
  • Introduction
    • Gamemaster's Notes
    • Hot to use this Book
    • Plot Synopsis
  • The Adventure
    • Into the Night
    • Going to the Devils
    • Junk Yard Dogs
    • Pandora's Box
    • Turned out, turned in
    • Old Dog, new Trix
    • Lone Star Country
    • Children in the Streets
    • Penthouse Suite
    • Different Dragon
    • Tooth and Claw
  • Legwork
    • Contacts
    • Corporate
  • Cast of Shadows
  • Picking uo the Pieces
    • After the Adventure
    • Awarding Karma
  • Playing with Darkness
    • Examining the Idol
    • Using the Idol
    • Breaking the Influence
    • Desire for the Idol
  • Player Handouts
  • Maps

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