• Authors: Brian Schoner
    • Dance with the Devil, Part Two: Brian Schoner und Robert Boyle
    • Light Meets Night und Aftermath: Brian Schoner
    • Breakthrough: Brian Schoner und Davidson Cole
    • Did You Forget Something?: Davidson Cole
    • My Name Is Legion + Revelations: Stephen Kenson
    • Outside Influence Jason Levine und Robert Boyle
    • The Return of the Father + Runners Ex Machina: David Hyatt und Robert Boyle
    • Lost in the Details Robert Boyle
  • Additional Writing: Robert Boyle, Michael Mulvihill
  • Projekt Development: Robert Boyle, Davidson Cole, Michael Mulvihill
  • Projekt Editing: Tasha Robinson
  • Shadowrun Line Developer: Mike Mulvihill
  • Editorial Staff:
    • Editorial Director: Donna Ippolito
    • Managing Editor: Sharon Turner Mulvihill
    • Associate Editor: Robert Boyle, Robert Cruz
    • Assitant Editor: Davidson Cole
  • Production Staff:
    • Art Director: Fred Hooper
    • Assistant Art Director: John Bridegroom
    • Cover Art: Marc Sasso
    • Cover Design: Jason Vargas
    • Layout: Jason Vargas
    • Illustration: Shane White, Steve Prescott, Joel Biske, Scott James, Larry MacDougall, Jim Nelson, Fred Hooper

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