• Writing:
    • Los Angeles: Jennifer Harding & Brian Cross
    • Neo-Tokyo: Robert Derie, Jason Levine, Malik Toms
    • Company Towns: Lars Blumenstein, Jennifer Harding, Jong-Won Kim & Jason Levine
  • Editing: Lars Blumenstein, Jason Hardy & Peter Taylor
  • Developement: Rob Boyle, Robyn King-Nitschke, Adam Jury, Jennifer Harding & Peter Taylor
  • Layout: Adam Jury
  • Cover Art: Jon Hodgson
  • Illustration: Mikael Brodu, Andy Coen, Chris Lewis, Jacob Glaser, Philip Hilliker, Aaron Pavao, Chad Sergesketter and Patrick Sullivan
  • Inspiration: Visual Audio Sensory Theatre, Fleshquartet (dev editing music)

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