• Authors:
    • Double Take: Elissa Carey
    • Second Effort: Malik Toms
    • Legacy: Andres Frades, Richard Tomasso
  • Development: Michael Mulvihill, Robert Boyle
  • Line Developement: Michael Mulvihill
  • Rewriting: Anne Brown, Diane Piron-Gelman
  • Proof Reading: Donna Ippolito, Sharon Turner Mulvihill, Robert Boyle, Davidson Cole
  • Art Director: Jim Nelson
  • Assistant Art Director: Fred Hooper
  • Cover Art: Clint Langley
  • Cover Design: Fred Hooper
  • Layout: Brian Maslouski
  • Play Testers: Richard Bing, Ron Camerson, Dave Cane, Grag Davidson, Matt Hammill, Ed Hennessey, Charles Glasgow, Richard Landry, Roger Landry, Omniobadiah Mee, Mark Reist, John Rollhauser, Dan Ruffolo, Justin Ryan, Don Tam, Mika Taylor, Brian Willie, The Whatevers (Eddie Bell, Robert Boyle, Berianne Bramman, Tim Curtis, Anara Gesserit, William Gold, Chris Shaffer, Jeff Smith, Sebastian Wiers)

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