Dawn of the Artifacts: Darkest Hour
Source cover en Dawn of the Artifacts Darkest Hour
Credits see here
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Publication date 28.08.2010
Stock number CAT26402
ISBN 1934857610 978-1-934857-61-8
Language English
Pages 58
Original price 14.99 $ (print) / 8.00 $ (ebook)
Edition 4th
Type adventure

Dawn of the Artifacts: Darkest Hour is an adventure for Shadowrun Fourth Edition.

Detailed informationEdit


  • German: In Dunkelster Stunde - Dritter Teil der Artefaktjagd-Kampagne (Pegasus Spiele)

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Flag of AGS Shadowiki (German Wiki) : Dawn of the Artifacts: Darkest Hour

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