• Authors: Stephen McQuillan
  • Editing: Jason Hardy
  • Development: Jennifer Harding and Jason Hardy
  • Art Direction: Brent Evans
  • Interrior Layout: Tiara Lynn Agresta
  • Cover Design: Matt Heerdt
  • Artists: Brent Evans, Matt Heerdt, Florian Stitz
  • Maps: Sean Macdonald
  • Play Testers: Ryan Cobb, Doug Vetillaro, Michael Polowy, Greg Danielson, Jordan Frame, Kase Kinney, Michael Wich, Michael Hoover, Siin Crawford, Rob Oliver, Kyra Gault, Christian Puschmann, Christoph Osterwald, Sina Schindler, Thomas Klemann, Timm Vowinkel, Bruce Ford, Brianna Peters, Eugen Fournes, Joanna Fournes, John Unchelenko, Lee Thoms, Stephen C. King, Steven A. Carroll, Joe Hatfield, Brian Joslin, Rod Ulberg, Rich "Bruno" Ingram, Kelli Gladney, Chris Hayes, Dan Dunchack, Thomas J. Howell
  • Proof Reading: Adam Bruno, Mark Dynna, Bruce Ford, Lauri Gardner, Mason Hart, Carl Schelin, Lars Wagner Hansen, Jeremy Weyand

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