• Trashed: A Prologue
  • Introduction
    • Gamemaster's Notes
    • How to use this Book
    • Plot Synopsis
  • The Adventure
    • Let me make you an Offer
    • Sewer Rat
    • The Banshee
    • The Manes Man
    • Party Crasher
    • Hee went thataway
    • Cascade Road
    • One-Room Flat
    • Mending the Shadows
    • Freya Goldhair
    • Juniors Shootout
    • It's a Party
    • Julius, seize 'er
    • Kick the Khan
    • Stanger in the Night
  • Contacts and general Info
  • Cast of Characters
    • Player Characters
    • Non-Player Characters
  • Picking up the Pieces
    • Awarding Karma
    • Feeling Chipper
  • Player Handouts
    • Better-Than-Life Chips
    • Global Dreamchips
    • News Items

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