• Edited by: Jordan Weisman
  • Authors:
    • Into the Shadows: Robert Charette
    • A Plague of Demons: Tom Dowd
    • Graverobbers: Elizabeth T. Danforth
    • Tailchaser: Paul R. Hume
    • Striper: Nyx Smith
    • Whitechapel Rose: Lorelei Shannon
    • Turtle in the Tower: Ken St. Andre
    • Free Fall: Tom Dowd
    • Would It Help to Say I'm Sorry?: Michael A. Stackpole
    • It's All Done with Mirrors: Michael A. Stackpole
  • Cover Art: Keith Birdsong
  • Illustrations: Mark Nelson, Jim Nelson, Jeff Laubenstein, Elisabeth T. Danforth, Tom Baxa
  • Map: Miriam Wehner

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