• Daddy Dearest: A Prologue
  • Introduction
    • Gamemaster's Notes
    • How to use this Book
    • Plot Synopsis
  • The Adventure
    • Virtual Reality
    • Back to School
    • Knights in white Sheets
    • Elby's
    • The Quick and the Dead
    • Sea-Tac
    • Juzu Clinic
    • Road Trip
    • Shoalwater
  • Legwork
  • Cast of Shadows
    • Fayette
    • Anton d'Venescu
    • Dr. Arhill
    • Interns (Hortense and Farnwell)
    • Marti Vann
    • Nick Voigt
    • Ork Mercenaries
    • Rat Mesh Dancer, Ork Leader
    • Aztechnology Senior Technician
  • Picking up the Pieces
  • Player Handouts

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