• Authors: Jason M. Hardy, Devon Oratz, R.J. Thomas, Michael Wich, Robert Wieland
  • Editing: Jason M. Hardy
  • Art Direction: Brent Evans
  • Cover Art: Lee Moyer
  • Cover Layout: Matt Heerdt
  • Interior Illustrationen: Marco Caradonna, Victor Perez Corbella, Veronica V. Jones, Igor Kieryluk, Jeff Laubenstein, Jeremy McHugh, Mark Molnar, Monte Moore, David Nash, Caleb Salisbury, Andreas "AAS" Schroth, Shane Tyree, Christopher Wilhelm
  • Interior Layout: Matt Heerdt
  • Shadowrun Line Developer: Jason M. Hardy
  • Proof Reading: Adam Bruno, Jean-Marc Comeau, Patrick Goodman, Mason Hart, Lars Wagner Hansen, Jeremy Weyand, Michael Wich

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