Just Compensation
Source cover en Just Compensation
Author Robert Charrette
Publication information
Publisher Roc Books
Publication date 1996
ISBN 0-451-45372-7
Language English

Just Compensation is a Shadowrun novel by Robert Charrette.

Detailed informationEdit

Publisher blurbEdit


Andy is happy as a shadowrunner wannabe, but when he accidentally gets involved with real runners, the game of Let's Pretend is over. So is his safe corporate life. Andy's half brother, UCAS Army Major Tom Rocquette, has some doubts about what he's involved with too. Why, for example, is he being ordered to mercilessly massacre the Compensation Army, a group that, like him, only seeks justice?

Andy and Tom, along with runners Markowitz and Kit, are finding out things that could put many lives in danger and point to a sinister web of dirty politicians, dishonorable officers, and misused tech and magic--a conspiracy that could dismantle the UCAS government! Can Andy and Tom find enough evidence to prove it--and stop it--before the nation's capital is buried under a heap of bloody corpses...?


  • German: Gerade noch ein Patt
  • French: Juste compensation
  • Hungarian: Jogos kárpótlás

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