• JackPoint
  • Approval
  • Assamblies of Power
    • Magical Societies: An Overview
    • Finding a Group
    • Joining a Group
    • Getting in Deep
    • The Place of Magical Societies in the Sixth World
    • Working with Magical Societies
    • Connecting with a Society
    • Types of Employment
    • Other Economic Dealings
  • A Sampling of Magical Societies of the Sixth World
    • The Brotherhood of Darkness
    • Cracking the Bones
    • The Gate of Isthar
    • The Magical Investors Group
    • Mana
    • Order of Saint Sylvester
    • Ordo Maximus
    • The Painted Horse Lodge
    • Seattle United Corporate Council Contractor Society
    • Society of the Phoenix Arisen
    • Sorcerers Institute
    • Vigilant Iron Schooling House
    • Smaller Magical Societies
    • Underworld Groups
    • Cults
    • Racial Groups
    • Advancements in a Society
    • Using Societies as Contacts
    • Secrecy
    • Starting and Growing a Magical Society

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