When You Care Enough To Run With The Very Best

Deckers, Riggers, Terrorists, Newshounds, Fixers, and more. Prime Runners presents forty-one of the best of the shadows, ready to inhabit any Shadowrun campaign. Each Character profile comes complete with an alleged background, apparent motivations, rumored history, most-recent description, and as-accurate-as-anybody-can-guess Shadowrun, Second Edition games statistics. From Michael Sutherland, cultured decker-extraordinaire, to the elusive McBean, who seems to have been everywhere and done everything; from Yakuza bosses to hate-mongers to people not quite human, these are prime runners, best of the best, with enough plot hooks, to snare even the most "been there, killed that" shadowrunner.

Prime Runners' is a sourcebook of non-player characters for Shadowrun, Second Edition